The Referral Payment Withdrawal Add-On

Add-On: Is an Add-On or an Extenstion and will work only with The WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Afilatete Plugin. En-Cash Referral Points: A simplified withdrawal process for en-casing your accumulated or credited referral points. PayPal, PayTM & Bank Transfer: Currently one will be able to en-cahs only via PayPal, PayTM & Bank Transfer- Another payment gateway supports to follow soon.


    • Admin can enable multiple withdrawal services from Woocommerce-> Settings->Referral Tab 

    • For enabling PayPal services, the admin would require to avail the corresponding API key as well as the Secret Key by registering with PayPal.

    • For enabling Paytm services, the admin would require to avail the Paytm merchant key.

    • Admin does have the privilege to set-up a withdrawal conversion rate as found suitable to him.

For example:
A user named X has 200 Credit Points where the Admin has set up a conversion rate of $0.50. Following these settings, the user X will be entitled to initiate a withdrawal request for $100.00

    • All withdrawal requests by various users will be visible to and can be found by the Admin within the WooCommerce main menu.

    • Admin will then be able to “Approve or Reject” these withdrawal requests depending upon the approval criteria set by the Admin.

    • Users need to be able to spot the withdrawal tab from Woocommerce My-Account.

    • For withdrawal, users would need to add up a beneficiary from the payment-information tab.

    • A user can choose the withdrawal service and specify the amount to be withdrawn after clicking on the “Withdraw” button; following which, a request will be sent to the Admin.

    • Admin will accept withdrawal requests after the customer gets a balance in selected service.

    • Users will be able to see their withdrawal history a the bottom of the page.

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