How Referral Program Works?


We are introducing a completely new credit system with this version. This would now allow store owners to define varied percentage for each level of referrers. This ensures more flexibility to the plugin. The most demanded feature is now available with this version.

In the previous version, there was no option available to define a separate credit percentage for each level individually. It worked on the recursion method. Store owners will be able to enable or disable the LBCS (Level Based Credit System). Alternatively, should they are happy with old system itself, they will yet be able to continue with that or enable this new credit system from the admin panel. Additionally, the plugin now allows you to render credit points to customers as well. With the old system, only referrers are eligible to avail credit points and customers will not be earning any credit points with their purchases. But now, the plugin does provide this ability.

The above graphic shows the working of the system.

Suppose, a store has enabled the Level Based Credit System and added credit percentage for 3 levels of referrers. Meaning, whenever a customer purchases an item, only the 3 upper most referrers will be entitled to receive credit points in accordance to the set percentage. Also, the plugin would now allow to set credit percentage for customer. Meaning, customers too would be entitled to earn credit points based on their purchases. The above graphic shows percentage set for Customer,Referrer 1, 2 and 3 are 5%, 10%, 8% and 6% respectively.

Customer A, referred Customer B and C. Customer B referred Customer D and E. Customer C referred Customer F. Customer D referred customer G. Customer E, referred customer H, and, Customer F referred Customer I.

Suppose Customer I purchased items worth $1000.00, following which, he himself will earn 5% of the product price as credit points. That is, he will earn 50 Credit points. Customer I was referred by Customer F, so, Customer F will be considered as a Level 1 referrer of customer I and will earn points according to the Level 1. Level 1 Percentage is set to 10% and hence Customer F will earn 100 points. Customer F’s referrer is Customer C, and hence Customer C is considered to be a Level 2 referrer of Customer I who purchased the item. Now, the set percentage for Level 2 is 8%. So, Customer C will earn 80 points. Customer C was again referred by Customer A, and who will be considered as a level 3 referrer, where the Level 3 percentage is set to 6%. As a result, Customer A will earn 60 points. The next referrers will not earn any points as store owners can configure the plugin for and upto 3 referrers only. Plugin though verily has the ability to configure N levels of hierarchy.

This is the old credit system which is still available with the new version of the plugin. Store owners now have the option to choose between The Recursive and the Level Based Credit System. The comes with the Recursive Credit System enabled. If store owners wish to switch to the Level Based Credit System, they would need to enable the Level Based Credit System from the plugin settings.

This method uses the previous level referrers credit points to calculate his/her next level referrers credit points and so on. Kindly below the image below for a better understanding.

From the above graphic, one can understand that Customer A referred Customer B and C; Customer B referred Customer D and E; Customer C referred Customer F; Customer D referred Customer G, Customer E referred Customer H; and Customer F referred Customer I.

Suppose, the Global percentage for credit points have been set to 10% and Customer I makes a purchase of worth $1000.00. Then, the referrer of Customer I – which is Customer F, will receive 10% of $1000.00 points which equals to 100 points. Customer C is referrer of Customer F so Customer C will earn 10% of points earned by his/her affiliate which in this case is – Customer F. Customer F has earned 100 points and hence Customer C will earn 10 points. Similarly, Customer A will earn 1 point as his/her affiliate earned only 10 points from this purchase.

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