WooCommerece Multilevel Referral Plugin

Our WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin is one of the most recommended referral marketing programs on WooCommerce.

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Whats new

Here is a much await version encompassing features based upon your demands

Level Based Credit System

Store owners now have the privilege to define variable percentage for each referrer level individually.

Manageable Level Numbers

Store owners can now manage or in other words have as many levels depending upon their business model.

Social Media Sharing

Customers & Referrers can possibly share predefined banners on social media.

Our Objective

To consider, perceive & convert your ideas & requirements and turn them into dynamic plugin extensions and add-ons.

Advantages of our Referral Plugin

Attract new customers; Grow and Market your business

Higher Viewership

A high level of outreach captivates and increases the number of viewers and visitors for your products.

More Traffic

A high viewership even constitutes for an even higher amount of traffic driven to your website apparently optimising your website for SEO purposes.

Increased Sales

More the traffic and stronger the SEO, will eventually be responsible for a steep spike in your sales figures increasing the likelihood of converting your visitors into probable customers.

Key Components

This new version of plugin introducing most awaiting and demanded features.

Credit earning mode
Level Based Credit System
Manage Number of Levels
Recursive Credit System
Social Media Sharing

Orderwise user credit

Orderwise user credit

Orderwise user credit

Referral User
Orderwise user credit
Point Logs
Email Template
User Credits
Advance Settings
Add On
How it Works?

We measure everything from referrers, invites, referral visits, referral installs, to your top influencers in our singular powerful dashboard program.

Invite your friends

Join our referral program and invite your friends as well as your colleagues.

Friends will buy too

Many of your friends, colleagues will visit the site and will apparently join the referral program and will purchase products/goods as well.

Claim dual rewards

You will earn rewards for referring your friends and when they join the referral program and purchase items, you will be earn quite a few reward points.

Our Happy Clients

A win - win for all E-commerce website sellers


Thank you PRISM Team for Such a Great Plugin , Easy To Use an even better than that is the SUPPORT team , thay are awesome Good Job


Very fast and efficient support. They made some customizations we need and we highly recommend.


We are using this plugin for some months now, and we are satisfied with it. We made some customizations with the plugin developer and now it fits more to our needs. I hope there will be some updates in the future which will have some more frontend customization options, mainly design options. The support is very helpful, I can recommend it.